path: root/sys-fs
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sys-fs/fusepod: Initial ebuild for bug #136624Santiago M. Mola2007-01-176-0/+78
* sys-fs/scsiadd: No need to inherit eutils hereJakub Moc2007-01-073-12/+13
* sys-fs/cryptmount: Fix gettext dependenciesJakub Moc2007-01-073-12/+17
* Complete ebuild rewriteJakub Moc2007-01-073-20/+42
* Whitespace indentation fixesMarkus Ullmann2006-12-262-7/+7
* sys-fs/cryptmount: Remove oldMarkus Ullmann2006-12-044-60/+7
* sys-fs/cryptmount: New upstream version, no ebuild changesThomas Patrick (curmudgeon)2006-11-304-4/+64
* various packages: whitespace / whiteline fixesMarkus Ullmann2006-11-284-12/+14
* sys-fs/fuseiso: drop oldRaúl Porcel2006-11-034-34/+8
* sys-fs/davl: New ebuild for bug 120182Raúl Porcel2006-10-265-0/+54
* sys-fs/funionfs: RedigestMarkus Ullmann2006-10-183-4/+10
* sys-fs/fuseiso: Version bump to 20061017Thomas Fischer (f15h)2006-10-184-4/+38
* sys-fs/funionfs: New ebuild for bug #151673Jérôme Poulin (TiCPU)2006-10-174-0/+48
* sys-fs/cryptmount: CONFIG_CHECK and emake installStefan Schweizer2006-09-163-35/+20
* sys-fs/cryptmount: New ebuild (my first :) ) #147491Thomas Patrick (curmudgeon)2006-09-145-0/+109
* ekeyword ~all, redigest all ebuildsStefan Schweizer2006-09-132-5/+5
* sys-fs/scsiadd: Adding ~amd64 KEYWORDmartn2006-09-093-9/+12
* sys-fs/scsiadd: New Ebuild for bug #146746martn2006-09-075-0/+55
* sys-fs/cromfs: New eBuild for bug 146694Jérôme Poulin (TiCPU)2006-09-075-0/+63
* sys-fs/fuseiso: Added ~amd64 keywordThomas Fischer (f15h)2006-08-293-9/+13
* sys-fs/fuseiso: Changed keyword x86 to ~x86Thomas Fischer (f15h)2006-08-122-5/+5
* sys-fs/fuseiso: New Ebuild for bug 143307Thomas Fischer (f15h)2006-08-125-0/+51