Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sys-power/acpi-support - Remove old, remove bogus use flags and move relevant...Jakub Moc2007-04-156-290/+11
* sys-power/acpi-support: integrate w/hibernate-script, fix use-conditional sta...azazello2007-04-144-23/+93
* sys-power/acpi-support: typoazazello2007-04-133-9/+12
* sys-power/acpi-support: Add X use flag and rename i855->intel-855 for clarityazazello2007-04-133-12/+16
* sys-power/acpi-support: Version bump and some fixesazazello2007-04-136-4/+341
* keyword orderings and nuke digestsMarkus Ullmann2007-04-031-3/+0
* sys-power/s2ram: Another thing broken by the retarded pciutils zlib USE flagJakub Moc2007-03-103-2/+14
* sys-power/acpi-support: Fixes, cleanups, more patchingazazello2007-03-065-18/+110
* sys-power/acpi-support: Whiteys and elogMarkus Ullmann2007-03-053-15/+17
* more Manifest1 nukageJakub Moc2007-03-026-54/+0
* sys-power/acpi-support: tabs instead of spaces in some areas; defined a real ...Christian Faulhammer2007-03-013-34/+35
* sys-power/acpi-support: New package: sys-power/acpi-support (port from ubuntu)azazello2007-02-286-0/+248
* Fix whitespacesJakub Moc2007-02-222-6/+6
* sys-power/s2ram - new ebuild for Bug 128468Jakub Moc2007-02-225-0/+93
* sunrise/app-portage/overlay-utils/Manifest: Fix manifests from last commitCharlie Shepherd2007-01-232-5/+5
* Add a message to die statementJakub Moc2007-01-072-6/+6
* sys-power/powerthend: nothing executable hereMarkus Ullmann2006-12-043-4/+7
* sys-power/powerthend: doconfd -> newconfd, doinit -> newinit, to solve problemsChristian Faulhammer2006-10-183-10/+14
* sys-power/powerthend: Aesthetic changes.David Shakaryan2006-09-172-7/+7
* ekeyword ~all, redigest all ebuildsStefan Schweizer2006-09-132-5/+5
* sys-power/powerthend: New Ebuild for bug #142964martn2006-08-227-0/+95