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* x11-terms/terminator: x11-terms/terminator version bump to 0.12Justin Lecher2009-05-203-3/+7
* x11-terms/terminator: Update ebuild to use EAPI 2. Thanks to Cristian Ruppert...Nick Fortino (nfortino)2009-03-163-12/+12
* x11-terms/terminator: Version bump for terminator.Ivan Toshkov (itoshkov)2008-07-083-3/+7
* x11-terms/terminator: Checking if vte is built with python support. Thanks t...Ivan Toshkov (itoshkov)2008-06-053-2/+13
* x11-terms/terminator: Remove redundant src_installJakub Moc2008-03-173-9/+6
* x11-terms/terminator: New Ebuild for bug 213243 thanks to Tommy[D].Ivan Toshkov (itoshkov)2008-03-174-0/+40