Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* x11-themes/polyester - New ebuild, based on ebuild provided by upstream. Bug ...Jakub Moc2006-06-264-0/+47
* x11-themes/qtcurve - Cosmetic changes.David Shakaryan2006-06-252-5/+5
* x11-themes/qtcurve - cosmeticsJakub Moc2006-06-252-5/+5
* gtk-engines-ubuntulooks - set RDEPEND explicitelyJakub Moc2006-06-252-4/+8
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-rezlooks - Fix dependencies.David Shakaryan2006-06-252-5/+6
* x11-themes/gnome-icons-crystal-svg - new ebuildJakub Moc2006-06-244-0/+67
* New gtk-themes-h2o-gtk2 ebuild for bug 46228Alexandru Toma (analoguedragon)2006-06-214-0/+52
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-rezlooks - Version bump to 0.6David Shakaryan2006-06-205-15/+19
* remove untested, repoman-complained ~x86 from x-lite, add digest for gtk-engi...Stefan Schweizer2006-06-192-3/+5
* Manifest recommitStefan Schweizer2006-06-171-4/+4
* remove -quotingStefan Schweizer2006-06-171-1/+1
* Add qtcurve to the sunrise overlay, bug 24830Stefan Schweizer2006-06-174-0/+45
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-rezlooks - bump to 0.5David Shakaryan2006-06-165-15/+19
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-ubuntulooks - do not hardcode versionsJakub Moc2006-06-112-10/+11
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-rezlooks - new ebuild, bug 136344David Shakaryan2006-06-114-0/+44
* x11-themes/gtk-engines-ubuntulooks: This was importet from bug 126966Stefan Schweizer2006-06-112-1/+9
* Remove useless ChangeLog based on a request from dertobi123 in #gentoo-overla...Stefan Schweizer2006-06-081-7/+0
* borked testing ebuild. OLDSamuli Suominen2006-06-073-0/+34