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parenttest: Add tests for mounting /dev (diff)
remove warning about unreliable kernel/udev combination
Udev upstream requires a certain version of the kernel to be run with udev. We had a test for a reliable kernel version to use with udev, but that version was lower than upstream's requirement. I do not see a reason to allow a version of the kernel lower than upstream's requirements to be run with udev.
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diff --git a/conf.d/udev b/conf.d/udev
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--- a/conf.d/udev
+++ b/conf.d/udev
@@ -27,9 +27,6 @@ persistent_cd_disable="no"
# Expert options:
-# Disable warning about unreliable kernel/udev combination
# Timeout in seconds to wait for processing of uevents at boot.
# There should be no need to change this.