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Optionally create /dev/root symlink
This is being added because there is software in our tree which hard codes the reference to /dev/root instead of using stat("/") to retrieve the root device. It is temporary however and will be removed again once this software is fixed. This is based on a patch submitted by Samuli Ssuominen. X-Gentoo-Bug: 438380 X-Gentoo-Bug-URL:
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# in /etc/conf.d/rc: rc_plug_services="!*"
+# We can create a /dev/root symbolic link to point to the root device in
+# some situations. This is on by default because some software relies on
+# it,. However, this software should be fixed to not do this.
+# For more information, see
+# If you are not using any affected software, you do not need this, so
+# feel free to turn it off.
# Expert options:
# Timeout in seconds to wait for processing of uevents at boot.