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authorMatthias Schwarzott <>2011-05-03 22:43:14 +0200
committerWilliam Hubbs <>2011-08-01 11:56:06 -0500
commitbfcc0359e5d2b938705ccb21901fdc818c703efe (patch)
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parentmake our population calls match upstreams recommendations (diff)
Query udevadm for udev's runtime directory
Previously we were using /dev/.udev as a hard coded value, but this does not allow us to transition easily to /run/udev. Querying the value from udevadm allows us to do this in a way that is transparent to the user. This code was written originally by Matthias Schwarzot and modified by William Hubbs. The commit message was also modified by William Hubbs.
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diff --git a/conf.d/udev b/conf.d/udev
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--- a/conf.d/udev
+++ b/conf.d/udev
@@ -38,12 +38,12 @@ persistent_cd_disable="no"
# udevd --help for possible values
-# Run udevd --debug and write output to /dev/.udev/udev.log
+# Run udevd --debug and write output to $RUNDIR/udev.log
# Should not be kept on as it fills diskspace slowly
# Run udevadmin monitor to get a log of all events
-# in /dev/.udev/udevmonitor.log
+# in $RUNDIR/udevmonitor.log
# Keep udevmonitor running after populating /dev.