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app-emulation/vmware-workstation: other workarounds for bundled-libs
Commit 052215b3c1e4b532b9d7a7872a0f46ecdb10f4cb has drastically reduced the amount of not needed deps... introducing other problems. 1) The removal of gnome-base/librsvg exposes a problem with libconf/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/ (only with bundled-libs), which is not able to find the bundled 2) Some binaries (bin/vmware-vmx*) depends on and but with bundled-libs they are not able to find the embedded version and fail if those libs are not installed in the system. patchelf --set-rpath doesn't work with bin/vmware-vmw-debug so I moved the deps on libXinerama and libXcursor to be always set. Moreover, with gcc-5, bundled-libs is mandatory otherwise there is a problem with symbols ( Even with VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_LIBS set, appLoader tries to dynamically load at runtime the best version of glib and fontconfig leading to a mix of system/bundled libs. Let's fix some rpath to be sure that with bundled-libs only the libs embedded with vmware are used! Tested both on amd64 and ~amd64 systems.
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