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* Remove all $Header$ linesFabio Rossi2017-06-251-1/+0
* Fixed some issues with repomanFabio Rossi2017-06-251-0/+1
* [pmask] clean up long-obsolete mask entriesAndreas K. Huettel (dilfridge)2014-10-091-7/+0
* unmasking vmware desktop 9Vadim Kuznetsov2012-09-151-7/+0
* vmware desktop 9 version bump (Masked)Vadim Kuznetsov2012-08-271-11/+7
* cleanupVadim Kuznetsov2012-03-101-6/+0
* open-vm-tools: version bump (masked)Vadim Kuznetsov2012-01-131-0/+12
* added vmware-server-console to maskedVadim Kuznetsov2011-10-201-0/+1
* vmware-server is masked. Bug 374599Vadim Kuznetsov2011-07-211-0/+7
* QA fixes. moved from main tree.Vadim Kuznetsov2011-03-271-2/+6
* corrected file name for vmware_guest USE_EXPAND desc filemattw2010-08-251-0/+0
* Matt Whitlock vmware-bundle.eclassVadim Kuznetsov2010-04-241-0/+10
* Add in vmware-converter masked (both package and keyword).Mike Auty2009-03-041-0/+5
* Added support for the dreaded Paludis! 5:PMike Auty2006-06-292-0/+2