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* Merging r2046Christian Heim2006-05-251-0/+3
* Merging r1959Christian Heim2006-04-073-97/+6
* Importing latest baselayout/trunk changes. This merge is based upon revision ...Christian Heim2006-01-109-10/+10
* sync branch and trunk; fix typosBenedikt Boehm2005-12-031-2/+2
* Import the latest baselayout changes. Merging revision 1648.Christian Heim2005-11-304-21/+21
* Merging changes between baselayout r1583 and r1596.Christian Heim2005-11-052-3/+9
* add back net servicesBenedikt Boehm2005-10-092-1/+13
* cleanup bootmiscBenedikt Boehm2005-09-031-39/+18
* link dummy script to satisfy deps from other init scriptsBenedikt Boehm2005-09-039-0/+9
* remove useless code from halt/reboot filesBenedikt Boehm2005-09-033-236/+2
* Removing lib/ completlyChristian Heim2005-09-032-0/+2
* Delete (now) invalid depends of the init-scriptsChristian Heim2005-09-034-24/+2
* Adding our dummy init-scriptChristian Heim2005-09-031-0/+13
* Removing unneeded init-scriptsChristian Heim2005-09-0310-681/+0
* Removing modules related files, since they are completly useless inside a vse...Christian Heim2005-09-031-122/+0
* import initial baselayout sources (1.12.0_pre8)Benedikt Boehm2005-09-0319-0/+1351