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* Block www-apps/postfixadminJakub Moc2007-09-143-4/+8
* net-mail/web-cyradm: Use virtual/httpd-cgi for webserver dependencyJakub Moc2007-09-143-3/+7
* DEPEND -> RDEPENDJakub Moc2007-09-123-4/+4
* Revbump the fixes ebuild and unmaskJakub Moc2007-09-124-3/+6
* Fix dependencies; do not depend on detabases and check for required php featu...Jakub Moc2007-09-123-40/+51
* Partial cleanup of this messJakub Moc2007-09-123-70/+34
* Move to net-mailJakub Moc2007-09-096-0/+460
* net-mail/postfixadmin: Move to net-mail categoryJakub Moc2007-09-0910-0/+465