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* mi: remove a bunch of useless inputInfo.pointer assignments.Peter Hutterer2009-03-161-6/+6
* Remove a bunch of useless casts.Adam Jackson2009-01-221-1/+1
* mi: don't mix declarations and codeJulien Cristau2009-01-111-1/+1
* Rework symbol visibility for easier maintenancePaulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade2008-12-031-1/+1
* Prepare for array-index based devPrivates.Tomas Carnecky2008-08-281-2/+4
* Refactor misprite a bit.Adam Jackson2008-08-191-6/+38
* Remove unused function and variables.Tiago Vignatti2008-07-041-1/+0
* mi: remove trailing whitespaces from misprite.cPeter Hutterer2008-06-181-36/+37
* Remove more unused things.Tiago Vignatti2008-06-111-1/+0
* mi: protect against possible NULL-pointer dereference.Peter Hutterer2008-06-051-5/+5
* mi: ansify.Peter Hutterer2008-05-281-71/+27
* Remove UndisplayCursor API.Peter Hutterer2008-05-131-19/+0
* mi: guard against NULL-pointer dereference.Peter Hutterer2008-04-281-1/+4
* Standardise copyright headers for all new files created as part of MPX.Peter Hutterer2008-04-251-6/+0
* Merge branch 'master' into mpxPeter Hutterer2008-01-031-57/+52
| * devPrivates rework: since API is already broken, switch everythingEamon Walsh2007-08-281-40/+38
* | Merge branch 'mpx' into mdsdPeter Hutterer2007-11-081-59/+0
|\ \
| * | Merge branch 'master' into mpxPeter Hutterer2007-11-071-59/+0
| |\|
| | * Implement core protocol backing store exclusively in terms of Composite.Adam Jackson2007-08-251-47/+0
| | * Revert "Suppress software cursor removal during rotated shadow buffer drawing."Keith Packard2007-04-191-33/+4
| | * Suppress software cursor removal during rotated shadow buffer drawing.Eric Anholt2007-04-181-4/+33
* | | mi: fix some macros to allow multiple cursors for master devices.Peter Hutterer2007-10-171-2/+46
|/ /
* | Fix cursor rendering for multi-head.Peter Hutterer2007-04-261-8/+19
* | Alloc sprite memory in devices' devPrivates, allow undisplaying cursors.Peter Hutterer2007-04-091-153/+170
* | Merge branch 'master' into mpxPeter Hutterer2007-03-191-5/+5
| * mi: remove 'register' keywords.Peter Hutterer2007-03-091-5/+5
* | mi: Fix cursor rendering issues.Peter Hutterer2007-01-291-16/+69
* | mi: removing MPX ifdefsPeter Hutterer2006-12-181-15/+15
* | mi: removing MPX ifdefsPeter Hutterer2006-12-141-164/+80
* | dix: missing parameter to SetCursorPosition in CheckMotion ifndef MPXPeter Hutterer2006-11-281-3/+1
* | mi: malloc checks for misprite and midispcur, code cleanupPeter Hutterer2006-11-271-56/+52
* | mi: free allocated memory in miDCCloseScreen and in miDCInitialize in casePeter Hutterer2006-11-271-324/+267
* | dix: DeliverEventsToWindow adjusted for MPXPeter Hutterer2006-11-221-1/+1
* | mi: added DevToSprite() conversion functionPeter Hutterer2006-11-221-10/+24
* | dix: WindowsRestructured() calls CheckMotion() on all devicesPeter Hutterer2006-11-211-99/+106
* | mi: added device ID to miSpriteCursorFuncRec functionsPeter Hutterer2006-11-211-3/+6
* | mi: added MPX to miSpriteReportDamagePeter Hutterer2006-11-211-0/+23
* | mi: added MPX to miSprite functions.Peter Hutterer2006-11-201-122/+367
* | mi: moved core pointer information from miSpriteScreenRec into aPeter Hutterer2006-11-201-123/+145
* | mi:Peter Hutterer2006-11-171-1/+32
* | dix: moved isMPdev field to end of _DeviceIntRec structurePeter Hutterer2006-11-171-10/+26
* Remove RCS tags. Fix Xprint makefile braindamage.Adam Jackson2006-07-211-2/+0
* Mark everything in misym.c as _X_EXPORT.Adam Jackson2006-02-151-1/+1
* Style fix, make SCREEN_EPILOGUE two arguments instead of three.Adam Jackson2005-12-291-10/+10
* Fix inclusion order of dix-config.h, so _XSERVER64 gets defined before X.hDaniel Stone2005-08-211-3/+4
* Add Xtrans definitions (FONT_t, TRANS_CLIENT) to clean up warnings.Daniel Stone2005-07-031-2/+6
* Fix includes right throughout the Xserver tree:Daniel Stone2005-04-201-2/+2
* Fix minor timestamp lossage in mieq.Keith Packard2004-08-071-1624/+126
* Merging XORG-CURRENT into trunkEgbert Eich2004-04-231-1/+1
* Importing vendor version xf86-4_4_99_1 on Sun Mar 14 00:26:39 PST 2004Egbert Eich2004-03-141-1/+1