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authorFelix Neumärker <xdch47@posteo.de>2020-09-10 13:04:32 +0200
committerVadim Misbakh-Soloviov <mva@gentoo.org>2020-09-14 10:12:47 +0700
commit7eaa952c52b09325a28881b3a2f1c76d63aaf8f6 (patch)
tree2e8479b502b068d8a2966a57a9e23ade629f6a7e /src/_portage
parent_portage: add yes/no completion for options (diff)
_portage: add further options
Signed-off-by: Felix Neumärker <xdch47@posteo.de> Signed-off-by: Vadim Misbakh-Soloviov <mva@gentoo.org>
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1 files changed, 11 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/_portage b/src/_portage
index 9ccaffd..141404e 100644
--- a/src/_portage
+++ b/src/_portage
@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@ _emerge () {
"--autounmask-keep-masks[Don't unmask hardmasks and unkeyworded (live)]"
"--autounmask-write[Automatically write autounmask changes (respect CONFIG_PROTECT)]"
"--backtrack=[Number of times to backtrack if dependency calculation fails]:number:(0 10 30)"
+ "--binpkg-changed-deps[Ignore binary packages for which the corresponding ebuild dependencies have changed since the packages were built]:$yesno"
"--binpkg-respect-use[Ignore binary packages if their uses don't match current config]"
"--complete-graph[Consider the deep dependencies of all packages from the world set]:$yesno"
"--complete-graph-if-new-use[--complete-graph if USE or IUSE will change for an installed package]:$yesno"
@@ -137,6 +138,9 @@ _emerge () {
"--dynamic-deps[Substitute the dependencies of installed packages with the dependencies of corresponding unbuilt ebuilds]:$yesno"
"--fail-clean[Clean up temporary files after a build failure]"
"--ignore-built-slot-operator-deps[Ignore the slot/sub-slot dependencies for built pkg]:$yesno"
+ "--ignore-soname-deps[Ignore the soname dependencies of binary and installed packages]:$yesno"
+ "--ignore-world[Ignore the @world package set and its dependencies]"
+ "--implicit-system-deps[Assume that packages may have implicit dependencies on packages which belong to the @system set]"
"--keep-going[Continue as much as possible after an error]"
"--load-average[No new builds should be started if there are other builds running and the load average is at least VALUE]"
"--misspell-suggestions[Enable or disable misspell suggestions]:$yesno"
@@ -146,6 +150,7 @@ _emerge () {
"--rebuild-ignore[Do not rebuild packages that depend on matching packages on --rebuild]:installed atom:_gentoo_packages installed"
"--package-moves[Perform package moves when necessary]"
"--pkg-format[Binary package format]:archive type:(tar rpm)"
+ "--quickpkg-direct[Enable use of installed packages directly as binary packages]:$yesno"
"--prefix=[Set EPREFIX env variable]:prefix path:_files -/"
"--quiet-build[Redirect all build output to logs]"
"--quiet-fail[Suppresses display of the build log on stdout]"
@@ -185,6 +190,7 @@ _emerge () {
"($nopkg_opts -n --noreplace)"{-n,--noreplace}"[Skip packages already installed]"
"($nopkg_opts)"{-1,--oneshot}"[Do not add package to the world profile]"
"($nopkg_opts --onlydeps -o)"{-o,--onlydeps}"[Only merge (or pretend to merge) the dependencies]"
+ "($nopkg_opts --onlydeps-with-rdeps)--onlydeps-with-rdeps[Include run time dependencies when --onlydeps is specified]:$yesno"
"($nopkg_opts --columns -t --tree)"{-t,--tree}"[Show dependency tree]"
"($nopkg_opts --update -u)"{-u,--update}"[Updates packages to the most recent version available]"
"($nopkg_opts --upgradeonly -U)"{-U,--upgradeonly}"[Do not update packages to a lower version]"
@@ -199,15 +205,19 @@ _emerge () {
"(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)--regen[Causes portage to check and update the dependency cache]"
"(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)"{-s,--search}"[Searches for matches]"
"(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)"{-S,--searchdesc}"[Matches the seachdesc string against the description field]"
+ "(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)--search-index[Enable or disable indexed search for search action]:$yesno"
+ "(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)--search-similarity[Set the minimum similarity percentage]"
+ "(: $all $noask_opts --verbose -v)--fuzzy-search[Enable or disable fuzzy search for search actions]"
"(: $all --pretend -p)--sync[Initiates a portage tree update]"
"(: $all --pretend -p)--check-news[Scan all repositories for relevant unread GLEP 42 news items]"
"($all)"{-C,--unmerge}"[Removes all matching packages]"
+ "($all)--rage-clean[does --unmerge with CLEAN_DELAY=0]"
'(: -)'{-V,--version}'[Display version info]'
"(: $all[3,-1])--resume[Resumes the last merge operation]"
"(: $all[3,-1])--skipfirst[Removes the first package in the resume list]"
"($all)--keep-going[Continue merge even if a package fails to build]"
"--with-bdeps=[pull in build time dependencies that are not strictly required]:$yesno"
- "--with-test-deps=[pull in dependencies that are conditional on the \"testUSE flag]:$yesno"
+ "--with-test-deps=[pull in dependencies that are conditional on the \"test\" USE flag]:$yesno"