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diff --git a/src/_gentoolkit b/src/_gentoolkit
index fdad29f..ce5ada4 100644
--- a/src/_gentoolkit
+++ b/src/_gentoolkit
@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ _equery () {
{size,s}'[print size of files contained in package]'
{uses,u}'[display USE flags for package]'
{which,w}'[print full path to ebuild for package]'
- {has,a}'[list all packages matching ENVIRONMENT data stored in /var/db/pkg]'
+ {has,a}'[list all installed packages where specified KEY matches the specified VALUE]'
{keywords,y}'[display keywords for specified PKG]'
{meta,m}'[display metadata about PKG]'
@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ _glsa_id () {
# will be low. May be we should display only the X previous GLSA,
# or GLSA ids of the X last month.
- # start to look at /usr/lib/gentoolkit/pym/glsa.py if GLSA_DIR is still
+ # start to look at ${EPREFIX}/usr/lib/gentoolkit/pym/glsa.py if GLSA_DIR is still
# PORTDIR + "metadata/glsa/"
# and then get the list (it's only xml files in GLSA_DIR, easy!)