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* drop unnecessary softtabstop setting for vimTim Harder2014-12-191-1/+1
* move duplicated repos functionality to _gentoo_reposTim Harder2014-12-191-77/+1
| | | | | | For dependent scripts, it only requires renaming `_portdir` calls to use `_gentoo_repos` instead, optional arguments (-o) remain the same for now.
* use consistent indentation (2 spaces) and add vim modelinesTim Harder2014-12-171-233/+233
* _portage_utils: sync portdir/reposconf changes from _gentoo_packagesTim Harder2014-11-301-32/+29
| | | | | This should probably be maintained only in one place so this isn't necessary in the future.
* move completions into src subdirTim Harder2014-11-211-0/+270