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dev-qt/qt-creator: add 4.8.0
* new plugins: cppcheck, LSP client, silver searcher, serial terminal * make help plugin (and its qthelp dependency) optional * unify all clang-based plugins under USE=clang * enable clang and designer USE flags by default * disable updateinfo plugin Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.52, Repoman-2.3.12 Signed-off-by: Davide Pesavento <>
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--- a/dev-qt/qt-creator/metadata.xml
+++ b/dev-qt/qt-creator/metadata.xml
@@ -14,13 +14,17 @@
<flag name="autotools">Enable autotools project manager plugin</flag>
<flag name="baremetal">Build plugin for bare metal devices</flag>
<flag name="bazaar">Add support for <pkg>dev-vcs/bzr</pkg> version control system</flag>
+ <flag name="clang">Build clang-based plugins (code model, format, static analysis)</flag>
<flag name="clangcodemodel">Build clang-based code model and refactoring plugins</flag>
<flag name="clangstaticanalyzer">Build clang-based static analyzer plugin</flag>
<flag name="clearcase">Add support for IBM ClearCase version control system (requires manual installation of ClearCase client)</flag>
<flag name="cmake">Enable cmake project manager plugin</flag>
+ <flag name="cppcheck">Enable integration with <pkg>dev-util/cppcheck</pkg></flag>
<flag name="designer">Build widget designer plugin</flag>
<flag name="glsl">Enable GLSL source code editor</flag>
+ <flag name="help">Build the help plugin</flag>
<flag name="ios">Build plugin for Apple iOS devices</flag>
+ <flag name="lsp">Add support for the Language Server Protocol (LSP)</flag>
<flag name="mercurial">Add support for <pkg>dev-vcs/mercurial</pkg> version control system</flag>
<flag name="modeling">Enable graphical model editor</flag>
<flag name="nim">Enable Nim source code editor</flag>
@@ -29,6 +33,8 @@
<flag name="qbs">Enable QBS project manager plugin</flag>
<flag name="qnx">Build plugin for QNX devices</flag>
<flag name="scxml">Enable graphical SCXML editor</flag>
+ <flag name="serialterminal">Build serial terminal plugin</flag>
+ <flag name="silversearcher">Enable integration with <pkg>sys-apps/the_silver_searcher</pkg></flag>
<flag name="systemd">Add support for retrieving application output from journald</flag>
<flag name="valgrind">Add support for memory debugging using <pkg>dev-util/valgrind</pkg></flag>
<flag name="webengine">Use <pkg>dev-qt/qtwebengine</pkg> to view documentation</flag>