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toolchain-funcs.eclass: Fix eclassdoc for tc-detect-is-softfloat
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@@ -218,13 +218,11 @@ tc-cpp-is-true() {
# @FUNCTION: tc-detect-is-softfloat
-# Shell true if (positive or negative) detection was possible, shell
-# false otherwise. Also outputs a string when detection succeeds, see
-# tc-is-softfloat for the possible values.
+# @RETURN: Shell true if detection was possible, shell false otherwise
# Detect whether the CTARGET (or CHOST) toolchain is a softfloat based
-# one by examining the toolchain's output, if possible.
+# one by examining the toolchain's output, if possible. Outputs a value
+# alike tc-is-softfloat if detection was possible.
tc-detect-is-softfloat() {
# If fetching CPP falls back to the default (gcc -E) then fail
# detection as this may not be the correct toolchain.