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authorMichał Górny <>2016-12-02 11:43:16 +0100
committerMichał Górny <>2016-12-08 09:00:17 +0100
commit4e427b97d5579b858e76b68fbecdfb811e0c24a1 (patch)
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parentnet-analyzer/zabbix: Bump #598762 (diff)
cmake-utils.eclass: Split multi-arg CC/CXX/FC correctly, #542530
Split multi-argument CC/CXX/FC into a CMake array consisting of one element containing the compiler path (name) and the other containing all command-line options, space-separated. This is how CMake splits the environment variables CC/CXX/FC internally. The alternative would be to set CC/CXX/FC directly, and let CMake handle the splitting. However, changing that had unforeseen consequences like assembler not being set correctly (#601292) which in turn was impossible to set via environment variables due to bugs in CMake. Therefore, splitting the values into CMAKE_*_COMPILER correctly seems the simplest and safest way forward, at least until we can rely on fixed CMake versions being sufficiently deployed.
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diff --git a/eclass/cmake-utils.eclass b/eclass/cmake-utils.eclass
index f2b21039268..c53666e2c0f 100644
--- a/eclass/cmake-utils.eclass
+++ b/eclass/cmake-utils.eclass
@@ -523,11 +523,18 @@ enable_cmake-utils_src_configure() {
SET (CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILE_OBJECT "<CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER> <DEFINES> ${includes} ${FCFLAGS} <FLAGS> -o <OBJECT> -c <SOURCE>" CACHE STRING "Fortran compile command" FORCE)
+ local myCC=$(tc-getCC) myCXX=$(tc-getCXX) myFC=$(tc-getFC)
+ # !!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!
+ # Single slash below is intentional. CMake is weird and wants the
+ # CMAKE_*_VARIABLES split into two elements: the first one with
+ # compiler path, and the second one with all command-line options,
+ # space separated.
local toolchain_file=${BUILD_DIR}/gentoo_toolchain.cmake
cat > ${toolchain_file} <<- _EOF_ || die
- SET (CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER $(tc-getFC))
+ SET (CMAKE_C_COMPILER "${myCC/ /;}")
+ SET (CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER "${myFC/ /;}")
SET (CMAKE_AR $(type -P $(tc-getAR)) CACHE FILEPATH "Archive manager" FORCE)
SET (CMAKE_RANLIB $(type -P $(tc-getRANLIB)) CACHE FILEPATH "Archive index generator" FORCE)