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@@ -8,6 +8,5 @@ DIST SDL2-CS-20161223.dll 80896 BLAKE2B 774ca64f7847d3cc02773788a6d5074e7d29d8c2
DIST SDL2-CS-20161223.dll.config 194 BLAKE2B 0b3743e0b41303191fcc7b233777e733529ae2eea9188923f28d8549dcf6d1594a5189ccbfd7ab97253a18d2b0a84f1a810a1f9891c27f6b833e2134d262c41f SHA512 0cf2c44c208cc1db7c6a44dab1882195b69ad65bbe39669f165a1f5caf431aa445a383c12aac9911f3f9ac7480ac1fdb5aae237b03b68cb198a74b107bfb6069
DIST 151532 BLAKE2B 3745959e449b0745b5cd1c20a9653595ce2166f441356127bdb5a5bb99b3442db541f0709c006f90e95050477c6d29a9a895c94951a7299304f8c3196301682d SHA512 3f756d5c882d15bd64408c205cf955eb01e1984c727ff820b9be5c9604832ed83ebd905abd467cca3a3e893bdb86df3e05503f8d05ddccd773a2023742a2160c
DIST 463599 BLAKE2B 5d6374c5daef33afc1faf814992df1ef7001b593594a022657406ac8ce67ac5e00f71cfe9365c4acab2925ef458f9add83ec62dd22e4db74e17efdd1e1091542 SHA512 70ac4a39b599a37ff45733477ba1afb4caee177262b72037998b7eb08a737177f8689bb690759b8090d25b9d408ba8c84e56bec3509997adde62724fcfcdc2b5
-DIST openra-20141029.tar.gz 15340674 BLAKE2B bcb18118b1c04da6d2c7c9db2fc10e69a35623994c0c2915ce1c3b410889b72a8761ab6235a876c774470dc8ca03c823f09a6d195416dacd7f55ea6ea5353f06 SHA512 44594ec3c3a590ae29b0291fdf2292c72ba920dff7892cc269e729a161505c4bc0c5c682bf3c6d3cabb0cdebfa3cac5975eeeeec3f5a673e948ed28132c4a313
DIST openra-20190314.tar.gz 24551126 BLAKE2B ed6289bbfab9f55aa88ac834dab3a2bab4cea3cb5a3b6934e24feb78bea1df71d839d4434242df666cda6180027a8e6d5b7766b6155ab2e85a4ee639a7950e12 SHA512 a16884cf626a31b3cf21662c307aef505bfcf6d34330f09b10510aa6c88d9d1026f17f2037565827fc95148776b0651fe0559c65db493295957df428793b2d71
DIST 17989 BLAKE2B 2a65c9276b725ac6c433eb2cf6e4a13d6e5c07446dbff1e096b100a20eebb2a432c81cfbc13c11fdf672fbd37eb5985497b3fa425a317afe39049a6a967e3a7e SHA512 4fe4c6dfd7ad0f7eb5549c66fe53cd38f74026a8202d3553481bdfdab8ce0788f8b31f05092d93f9751a687badf75a1ec22da201235f2e505893192bb371367f
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@@ -1,111 +0,0 @@
-OpenRA is a Libre/Free Real Time Strategy game engine supporting early
-Westwood games like Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.
-Distributed mods include a reimagining and updating of both the Red
-Alert and Command & Conquer multiplayer games.
-You may run the game from desktop games menu or just manually
-run the game with `mono OpenRA.Game.exe Game.Mods=ra` for Red Alert
-or `mono OpenRA.Game.exe Game.Mods=cnc` for Command & Conquer.
-If you have problems starting the game consider switching to
-alternative Cg Renderer. You may run the game with alternative
-Cg Graphics Renderer from desktop games menu or by adding
-`Graphics.Renderer=Cg` parameter explicitly to above console commands
- (convenient for some integrated graphics cards).
-To run explicitly with a default one use `Graphics.Renderer=Gl`
-parameter. The default Graphics Renderer is a better one, so
-don't forget to upgrade your graphics hardware drivers to the
-latest version. For Cg renderer also try to upgrade nvidia-cg-toolkit
-The RA packages will need to be extracted to ~/.openra/Content/ra/
-before the RA mod will actually work. The C&C packages will need
-to be extracted to ~/.openra/Contet/cnc/ for C&C mod. You may
-execute OpenRA and it will suggest to download content from original
-CD or a minimal one from OpenRA site automatically. You may also try
-to download minimal content pack from OpenRA site manually by using
-OpenRA Utility:
-cd /usr/share/games/openra
-mono OpenRA.Utility.exe --download-url=,/tmp/
-mono OpenRA.Utility.exe --extract-zip=/tmp/,~/.openra/Content/ra/
-The same commands for C&C mod:
-mono OpenRA.Utility.exe --download-url=,/tmp/
-mono OpenRA.Utility.exe --extract-zip=/tmp/,~/.openra/Content/cnc/
-But the better choice is to download a full pack from original game CD
-(or iso). However, full CD pack usage result in slower game start from
-OpenRA Lobby. It happens due to a lot of unnecessary things like video
-clips were pre-packaged in it. If you want optimal game start and all
-music themes (made by Frank Klepacki) from classic CD you should
-download them from OpenRA Forum:
-The minimal required files for the Red Alert mod are:
- * conquer.mix
- * temperat.mix
- * interior.mix
- * snow.mix
- * sounds.mix
- * allies.mix
- * russian.mix
-OR: (Usually pretty long game start)
- * main.mix
- * redalert.mix
-The minimal required files for the Command and Conquer mod are:
- * cclocal.mix
- * speech.mix
- * conquer.mix
- * sounds.mix
- * tempicnh.mix
- * temperat.mix
- * winter.mix
- * desert.mix
-If you have a case-sensitive filesystem you must change the filenames to
-lower case.
-Red Alert and C&C have been released by EA Games as freeware. They could be
-downloaded from
-Unfortunately the installer is 16-bit and so won’t run on 64-bit operating
-systems. This can be worked around by using the Red Alert Setup Manager
- (
-Make sure you apply the no-CD protection fix so all the files needed
-are installed to the hard drive.
-If your notebook doesn't show long battery life under OpenRA load you can
-do several things:
-1. Turn off "Show Shellmap" item under General tab of Settings menu.
-2. Edit ~/.openra/settings.yaml in the "Graphics:" section to add
-framelimiter. Add "CapFramerate: True" string there to enable framelimiter.
-The default setting is 60 frames per second. You can change it's value by
-adding "MaxFramerate: 70", for example, string in that section. Be careful
-with special tab symbols at the beginning of the strings. Don't forget to
-backup your settings file.
-Please note: OpenRA has 2 types of released versions:
-1. Release Versions or just Versions.
-2. Unstable Playtests Versions or just Playtests.
-Release Versions are considered as more stable ones. Playtests are also
-pretty stable in most cases but they have usually more features wich are
-needed to be tested before inclusion into release. So, if you have any
-problems, please report them to the IRC channel #openra on
-(Use if you don't have IRC client)
-or to the bug-tracker (
-You may also see servers list with
-or by using orabot on IRC channel:
-]games (or !games)
-to see the games wich are waiting to start or
-]games --all
-to see all games.
-Please read HACKING for an overview of the engine and read OpenRA Wiki
-page for more info about the game and it's development:
diff --git a/games-strategy/openra/openra-20141029-r2.ebuild b/games-strategy/openra/openra-20141029-r2.ebuild
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index 9c2afbc5770..00000000000
--- a/games-strategy/openra/openra-20141029-r2.ebuild
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,95 +0,0 @@
-# Copyright 1999-2016 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-inherit eutils mono-env gnome2-utils vcs-snapshot games
-DESCRIPTION="A free RTS engine supporting games like Command & Conquer and Red Alert"
-SRC_URI="${PV} -> ${P}.tar.gz"
-KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
- dev-lang/mono
- media-libs/freetype:2[X]
- media-libs/libsdl2[X,opengl,video]
- media-libs/openal
- virtual/jpeg:0
- virtual/opengl"
-pkg_setup() {
- mono-env_pkg_setup
- games_pkg_setup
-src_unpack() {
- vcs-snapshot_src_unpack
-src_configure() { :; }
-src_prepare() {
- # register game-version
- sed \
- -e "/Version/s/{DEV_VERSION}/release-${PV}/" \
- -i mods/{ra,cnc,d2k}/mod.yaml || die
-src_compile() {
- emake all
- emake native-dependencies
- emake docs
-src_install() {
- emake \
- datadir="/usr/share" \
- bindir="${GAMES_BINDIR}" \
- libdir="$(games_get_libdir)" \
- DESTDIR="${D}" \
- install-all install-linux-scripts
- exeinto "$(games_get_libdir)/openra"
- doexe Eluant.dll.config liblua$(usex amd64 "64" "32")*
- # icons
- insinto /usr/share/icons/
- doins -r packaging/linux/hicolor
- # desktop entries
- make_desktop_entry "${PN} Game.Mods=cnc" "OpenRA CNC" ${PN}
- make_desktop_entry "${PN} Game.Mods=ra" "OpenRA RA" ${PN}
- make_desktop_entry "${PN} Game.Mods=d2k" "OpenRA Dune2k" ${PN}
- make_desktop_entry "${PN}-editor" "OpenRA Map Editor" ${PN}
- dodoc "${FILESDIR}"/README.gentoo AUTHORS \
- # file permissions
- prepgamesdirs
-pkg_preinst() {
- games_pkg_preinst
- gnome2_icon_savelist
-pkg_postinst() {
- games_pkg_postinst
- gnome2_icon_cache_update
- elog "optional dependencies:"
- elog " media-gfx/nvidia-cg-toolkit (fallback renderer if OpenGL fails)"
-pkg_postrm() {
- gnome2_icon_cache_update