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parentx11-libs/wxGTK: remove USE=webkit (wxWebView) support from gtk2 based SLOT=3.0 (diff)
x11-libs/wxGTK: Apply patchset for lots of 3.0 branch fixes and webkit-gtk:4 port
Includes 105 patches taken from WX_3_0_BRANCH, plus one from master only that we need to not litter DT_NEEDED with wxWebView library without --as-needed (it was part of squashed wxGTK- before). Also includes my patch to install wx/evtloopsrc.h in core-only builds. Most notably the patchset adds support for webkit2gtk API (as provided by security safe net-libs/webkit-gtk:4), and lots of gtk3 port fixes, hopefully making 3.0-gtk3 SLOT good enough for mass transition without problematic runtime regressions. The patchset touches lines right above the first changes in the collision patch, so that patch needed to be adjusted to not fail on top of the patchset. Ideally the collision patch would be revised and moved to the same approach as 3.0-gtk3 has with seds - or vice-versa, but at least same approach.. Compiling amule[-X] and veracrypt[-X] against wxGTK[-X] is untested; please test and close the relevant bugs (617440 and 605018) if this is fixed now. Bug: Bug: Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.19, Repoman-2.3.6
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