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sys-boot/refind: remove dependency on sys-boot/udk
UDK is py2-only and will likely be removed from Gentoo soon. In fact, it already got temporarily last-rited earlier on this week - and rEFInd along with it. Given we have been forcing USE=gnuefi for sys-boot/refind for years anyway, just make the gnu-efi dependency mandatory. Note that the use.force entry for USE=gnuefi is still there due to the fact most rEFInd versions in the tree still honour that flag, plus I want to make this change as minimally intrusive as possible. With apologies to the current maintainer should they get upset about this change having been made without them having okayed it, it's about making sure sys-boot/refind does not get last-rited again. Signed-off-by: Marek Szuba <>
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