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DIST netsed-0.01b.tgz 6352 BLAKE2B 0aa8ed9f282f32d139e50af1a1c8d1aae118ff6e892475774125b45c229707c40544199ea70708827636a50e43b8f652138b244cb2f3857c854d49018b996fb7 SHA512 edef6ef6e39a17a46a3b4d8019ba2e742b2b5852f804df5e952461a792e3ba7a49fcc33353abf7e532e51586927f28f4b7c6da4f4fbd34a32cdf093f26163dd7
-DIST netsed-0.01c.tgz 12987 BLAKE2B 9d31a2cde79adc944f69cc2bf522a615201fd48dd1b46152b39368f36657ebebbfa5dbdecd91c965fb63d6e06a2a37317e005483a0c60be30a3ad178157418c2 SHA512 de1a1f38698cdcfa3b39975eb7b701abb97fd5035e306b63a6d5a459e4180cf8bb49dc2430acf4767e6d9f9c673f3e1e83040edfb8f331b9b1e10b0036058c57
DIST netsed-1.3.tar.gz 28850 BLAKE2B 3349f9266f96bc397a85f52cf8515f0c0cb047496704ab1c1605cd479016a411662b0e7b08f3b14aa53bac250ea801b88ffcbd3ecd2609eecb1596cd41fec24a SHA512 5ffed86b462c6f89dac9d19184917b5b0759b49862ba0b34701ff2d3aa8cfe55502abb0b09594eb993c50a18962f0ca30c8e9cb96d2445f8c2877189b9a9ac79
DIST netsed_0.01c-2.diff.gz 3140 BLAKE2B 211c7f71a76b74fc47cc32dbd5e9ad05a2c7c67bd95de73b0bdb09249f245ab8b0190ee79b51cf1d2f2bc99cc0b7fdf8d358851fddafb2815adc640260122c77 SHA512 5a729e9800051449f7f52989cb65232e262ac6023f21b8ec688f3ce33ed4be79f9d00993aed7773d83dbe109927a5fc6c64e4775d4958136e5c891b6b82e6b83
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---- netsed-0.01c.orig/debian/netsed.1
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-+.TH NETSED 1 "June 23, 2001" NETSED
-+netsed \- network packet stream editor
-+.B netsed
-+.I proto lport rhost rport rule1
-+.RI [ rule2 ] " " ...
-+NetSED is small and handful utility designed to alter the contents of
-+packets forwarded thru your network in real time. It is really useful
-+for network hackers in following applications:
-+.B black\-box protocol auditing
-+whenever there are two or more propertiary boxes communicating over
-+undocumented protocol (by enforcing changes in ongoing transmissions,
-+you will be able to test if tested application is secure)
-+.B fuzz\-alike experiments, integrity tests
-+whenever you want to test stability of the application and see how it
-+ensures data integrity,
-+.B other common applications
-+fooling other people, content filtering, etc etc \- choose whatever
-+you want to.
-+It perfectly fits netgrep, netcat and tcpdump tools suite :P
-+.B proto
-+protocol specification (tcp or udp)
-+.B lport
-+local port to listen on (see README for transparent traffic intercepting
-+on some systems)
-+.B rhost
-+where connection should be forwarded (0 = use destination address of
-+incoming connection, see README)
-+.B rport
-+destination port (0 = dst port of incoming connection)
-+.B rule\fIN\fR
-+replacement rules (see below)
-+General replacement rules syntax: s/\fBpat1\fR/\fBpat2\fR\fI[/expire]\fR
-+This will replace all occurences of \fBpat1\fR with \fBpat2\fR in matching
-+packets. Additional parameter (count) can be used to expire rule after 'count'
-+succesful substitutions. Eight\-bit characters, including NULL and '/', can
-+be passed using HTTP\-alike hex escape sequences (eg. %0a%0d). Single '%'
-+can be reached by using '%%'. Examples:
-+.B 's/andrew/mike/1'
-+replace 'andrew' with 'mike' (once)
-+.B 's/andrew/mike'
-+replace all occurences of 'andrew' with 'mike'
-+.B 's/andrew/mike%00'
-+replace 'andrew' with 'mike\\x00\\x00' (to keep orig. size)
-+.B 's/%%/%2f/20'
-+replace '%' with '/' in first 20 packets
-+Rules are not working on cross\-packet boundaries and are evaluated from
-+first to last not expired rule.
-+.BR ngrep (8),
-+.BR nc (1),
-+.BR /usr/share/doc/netsed/README.gz
-+\fBnetsed\fR was written by Michal Zalewski <>.
-+This manual page was written by Gergely Nagy <>.
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-# Copyright 1999-2019 Gentoo Authors
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-DESCRIPTION="Small tool for altering forwarded network data in real time"
-SRC_URI=" -> ${P}.tgz"
-KEYWORDS="~amd64 ~x86"
- "${FILESDIR}/${P}-man.patch"
-src_compile() {
- emake CFLAGS="${CFLAGS}"
-src_install() {
- dobin netsed
- doman debian/netsed.1
- dodoc README