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skel.metadata.xml: update for GLEP 67
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This is the example metadata file.
The root element of this file is <pkgmetadata>. Within this element a
-number of subelements are allowed: herd, maintainer, and
-longdescription. herd is a required subelement.
+number of subelements are allowed, the most common being maintainer.
For a full description look at:
Before committing, please remove the comments from this file. They are
not relevant for general metadata.xml files.
-<!-- <herd>some-herd</herd> -->
- <email></email>
-<!-- <description>Description of the maintainership</description> -->
+<maintainer type="person">
+ <email></email>
+ <description>Primary maintainer</description>
-<!-- <longdescription>Long description of the package</longdescription> -->
+<maintainer type="project">
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Gentoo Example Project</name>
+<longdescription>Long description of the package</longdescription>
+ <flag name="aspell">Uses <pkg>app-text/aspell</pkg> for spell checking.
+ Requires an installed dictionary from <cat>app-dicts</cat></flag>
<flag name="flag">Description of how USE='flag' affects this package</flag>
<flag name="userland_GNU">Description of how USERLAND='GNU' affects this
- <flag name="aspell">Uses <pkg>app-text/aspell</pkg> for spell checking.
- Requires an installed dictionary from <cat>app-dicts</cat></flag>