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parenttoolchain.eclass: [QA] Remove meaningless USE=multislot, #584610 (diff)
toolchain-binutils.eclass: [QA] Remove USE=multislot, #584610
The USE=multislot was used only to control build-time blocker on previous versions of binutils. However, there is no technical reason not to have multiple binutils versions installed at build time (or run time). Considering that the flag does not control the installed files or the package in any other way, it is an invalid use of USE flags.
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binutils for 64bit kernel on hppa.
- <flag name="multislot">Allow for multiple versions of binutils to be emerged at once for same CTARGET</flag>
<flag name="multitarget">Adds support to binutils for cross compiling (does not work with gas)</flag>