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parentsys-libs/libcxx: bump to 3.8.1, support libunwind & musl (#589352) (diff)
sys-devel/llvm: musl & default runtime lib switches, #589352
- add support for building llvm against musl - enable clang to build binaries against musl - introduce USE flag "sanitize" to control the building of compiler-rt's sanitizers (they cause problem on musl) - be able to override default values of -stdlib and -rtlib for clang * USE="default-libcxx" implies -stdlib=libc++ (originally libstdc++) * USE="default-compiler-rt" implies -rtlib=compiler-rt (originally libgcc)
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4. LLVM does not imply things that you would expect from a high-level virtual machine. It does not require garbage collection or run-time code generation (In fact, LLVM makes a great static compiler!). Note that optional LLVM components can be used to build high-level virtual machines and other systems that need these services.</longdescription>
<flag name="clang">Build the clang C/C++ compiler</flag>
+ <flag name="default-compiler-rt">Use compiler-rt instead of libgcc as the default rtlib for clang</flag>
+ <flag name="default-libcxx">Use libc++ instead of libstdc++ as the default stdlib for clang</flag>
<flag name="doc">Build and install the HTML documentation and regenerate the man pages</flag>
<flag name="gold">Build the gold linker plugin</flag>
<flag name="lldb">Build the lldb debugger</flag>
<flag name="multitarget">Build all host targets (default: host only)</flag>
<flag name="ncurses">Support querying terminal properties using ncurses' terminfo</flag>
+ <flag name="sanitize">Build compiler-rt's sanitizers</flag>
<flag name="static-analyzer">Install the Clang static analyzer (requires USE=clang)</flag>