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sys-libs/glibc: rework sparc target selection #323445 #361779
The current code assumes all targets are at least sparc v9. This breaks people trying to build for older/embedded targets like sparc v8. Only use specific targets when the user has set -mcpu. This does mean we will be using a lower target for some users (who don't have -mcpu set), but that's more in line with what we want. Similarly, do not assume that because we are using a 64-bit kernel we always want a 64-bit userland or newer cpu. We also drop filtering of -mvis flags (we haven't been filtering the newer options like -mvis2 or -mvis3) as it doesn't seem to be an issue. We also drop the filtering of -Wa,-xarch and -Wa,-A flags. We want to let the user select their own, or just rely on the -mcpu setting. This might mean for some users they get slightly slower builds if they haven't set an explicit -mcpu flag, but that's also what we want.
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