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parentdev-db/mysql: Drop security vulnerable versions for the 5.5 series (diff)
www-apache/mod_security: new version 2.9.1 to fix some bugs.
There are a few important changes in this version. First, there is a new USE flag "mlogc" for the audit log collector. USE=curl was too confusing. Oh, and it actually installs the log collector files now. Next, I've moved the SecDataDir under /var/lib to eliminate a QA warning. That's a better place for it anyway, because it doesn't hold cached data (we have no way to recreate the stuff if it disappears). I've dropped the code that enables/disables the GeoIP stuff in the configuration file. We don't need to sed our users' configurations based on USE flags: they'll set it to what they want, and we should leave it that way. The flag is still there to pull in the geoip libs. The configuration file is named 79_mod_security.conf now, for consistency. There are two completely new flags, USE=json and USE=fuzzyhash to enable new upstream features. Some missing dependencies were added, and the docs are being built with doxygen for now. The following users submitted code and/or suggestions that I've used. Thanks guys! * Chris Frederick * Graham E * Leho Kraav * Mario D. Santana Gentoo-Bug: 518828 Gentoo-Bug: 594720 Gentoo-Bug: 605496 Gentoo-Bug: 615294 Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.3, Repoman-2.3.1
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+DIST modsecurity-2.9.1.tar.gz 4261212 SHA256 958cc5a7a7430f93fac0fd6f8b9aa92fc1801efce0cda797d6029d44080a9b24 SHA512 374733cbfc26e53d95b78c8f268a4e465d838163e9893fc24e33a9d272b114f1b287147bab6d0289575074cbbd94f48983e23fa59832cbcb32950046cea59269 WHIRLPOOL 5f41bebf032f8a269412d104b7632a06af4d4c495658c9cd1ebf69b82c10ce1bbcb34b9dd159a7b00e57348714a5e93ad3db19701dda51479accd3a9dc79a9cb
DIST modsecurity-apache_2.7.7.tar.gz 1003835 SHA256 11e05cfa6b363c2844c6412a40ff16f0021e302152b38870fd1f2f44b204379b SHA512 859f72580b6acaae5db180f98ee32ad2cb0f3ef24321d0c2df20ddd9fcfbc6c09c98b672012dc4931a6fd14f3c21c38ed31ab8900940382fcb48b37f30005a7d WHIRLPOOL e70f09c6bf640733696e6c544b4e37702ab05b043bdf07266a081316620986e976d2dcf8c1552380e846132473718b3ae7f0cadd18953b08b22bef5de3a5b455