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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
+ <herd>proxy-maintainers</herd>
+ <maintainer>
+ <email></email>
+ <name>Jesus Rivero</name>
+ <description>Proxy Maintainer</description>
+ </maintainer>
+ <maintainer>
+ <email></email>
+ <description>Proxied Maintainer. Please CC on bugs.</description>
+ <name>José Manuel Ferrer Ortiz</name>
+ </maintainer>
+ <longdescription>
+libspectrum is a library designed to make the input and output of some ZX
+Spectrum emulator files slightly easier. It is intended to be usable on Unix
+variants, Win32 and Mac OS X. Currently, it is mainly (only?) used by Fuse,
+but other Spectrum emulator and utility authors are encouraged to use it.
+ <use>
+ <flag name="gcrypt">Use <pkg>dev-libs/libgcrypt</pkg> for low-level crypto of some
+ features, including logfiles.</flag>
+ </use>
+ <upstream>
+ <remote-id type="sourceforge">fuse-emulator</remote-id>
+ </upstream>