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-# Copyright 1999-2017 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-inherit perl-module
-DESCRIPTION="Distributed, collaborative spam detection and filtering network"
-KEYWORDS="alpha amd64 hppa ppc ppc64 sparc x86 ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux ~x86-macos"
- dev-perl/URI
- dev-perl/Net-DNS
- virtual/perl-Net-Ping
- virtual/perl-Time-HiRes
- dev-perl/Digest-Nilsimsa
- || ( virtual/perl-Digest-SHA dev-perl/Digest-SHA1 )"
- "${FILESDIR}/${PN}-2.85-use-sha-not-sha1.patch"
- "${FILESDIR}/${PN}-2.85-cosmetic-pv-fix.patch"
-# Install docs/ content
-SRC_TEST="do parallel"
-src_compile() {
- emake -j1
-pkg_postinst() {
- elog
- elog "Run 'razor-admin -create' to create a default config file in your"
- elog "home directory under /home/user/.razor. (Remember to change user to"
- elog "your username from root before running razor-admin)"
- elog
- elog "Razor v2 requires reporters to be registered so their reputations can"
- elog "be computed over time and they can participate in the revocation"
- elog "mechanism. Registration is done with razor-admin -register. It has to be"
- elog "manually invoked in either of the following ways:"
- elog
- elog "To register user foo with 's1kr3t' as password: "
- elog
- elog "razor-admin -register -user=foo -pass=s1kr3t"
- elog
- elog "To register with an email address and have the password assigned:"
- elog
- elog "razor-admin -register "
- elog
- elog "To have both (random) username and password assgined: "
- elog
- elog "razor-admin -register "
- elog
- elog "razor-admin -register negotiates a registration with the Nomination Server"
- elog "and writes the identity information in"
- elog "/home/user/.razor/identity-username, or /etc/razor/identity-username"
- elog "when invoked as root."
- elog
- elog "You can edit razor-agent.conf to change the defaults. Config options"
- elog "and their values are defined in the razor-agent.conf(5) manpage."
- elog
- elog "The next step is to integrate razor-check, razor-report and"
- elog "razor-revoke in your mail system. If you are running Razor v1, the"
- elog "change will be transparent, new versions of razor agents will overwrite"
- elog "the old ones. You would still need to plugin razor-revoke in your MUA,"
- elog "since it's a new addition in Razor v2. If you are not running Razor v1,"
- elog "refer to manpages of razor-check(1), razor-report(1), and"
- elog "razor-revoke(1) for integration instructions."
- elog