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graphics, GUI toolkit, and a complete visualization framework.
- <flag name="c++11"> Build ROOT using the C++11 standard</flag>
- <flag name="c++14"> Build ROOT using the C++14 standard</flag>
<flag name="asimage">Enable support for <pkg>media-libs/libafterimage</pkg></flag>
<flag name="davix">Enable support for DAVIX Data Management Client (</flag>
<flag name="fits">Enable support for images and data from FITS files with <pkg>sci-libs/cfitsio</pkg></flag>
@@ -36,7 +34,6 @@
<flag name="pythia6">Build the interface for <pkg>sci-physics/pythia</pkg> version 6.x </flag>
<flag name="pythia8">Build the interface for <pkg>sci-physics/pythia</pkg> version 8.x </flag>
<flag name="R">Enable support for <pkg>dev-lang/R</pkg></flag>
- <flag name="reflex">Build the reflection database for the C++ interpreter</flag>
<flag name="roofit">Build RooFit function fitting package</flag>
<flag name="root7">Build experimental features to be released with ROOT 7</flag>
<flag name="shadow">Enable shadow authentication in rootd and proofd</flag>