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+.TH "BINUTILS-CONFIG" "8" "Jan 2005" "Gentoo" "Gentoo"
+binutils-config \- manage active versions of the binutils programs
+The \fBbinutils-config\fR script allows you to switch between different
+versions of binutils when you have installed multiple copies (see
+USE=multislot). It also allows you to manage multiple cross-compiling
+targets simultaneously.
+Remember, you may have one version of binutils active per \fICTARGET\fR,
+and changing the version for one target has no bearing on any other. So
+changing an active cross-compiler will not break your native compiler
+(i.e. \fICHOST\fR).
+\fBbinutils-config\fR [\fIcrufty options\fR] \fIPROFILE\fR
+\fBbinutils-config\fR \fB--get-current-profile\fR \fI[TARGET]\fR
+\fBbinutils-config\fR \fB--list-profiles\fR
+\fBbinutils-config\fR \fB--uninstall\fR \fITARGET\fR
+Change the system to use the specified binutils version. This may take the
+form of the list index number (the number shown on the left in the
+\fB\-\-list\-profiles\fR output), a full \fITARGET-VERSION\fR (useful when
+working with cross-compilers), just a \fITARGET\fR where the \fIVERSION\fR
+is picked from the active, or just a binutils \fIVERSION\fR where the
+\fITARGET\fR is assumed to be the native \fIHOST\fR value.
+Similiar to \fBPROFILE\fR, but this is only the target and no version info
+(i.e. \fICTARGET\fR or \fICHOST\fR).
+\fB\-c\fR, \fB\-\-get\-current\-profile\fR \fI[TARGET]\fR
+Display the active profile for \fITARGET\fR. If none is specified, the
+host system's \fITARGET\fR will be shown (i.e. \fICHOST\fR).
+\fB\-l\fR, \fB\-\-list\-profiles\fR
+Show all the profiles that your system currently has installed and what
+versions are active. The active native version is noted with a bright green
+asterisk while the active cross-compiler versions are noted with a light blue
+\fB-u\fR, \fB\-\-uninstall\fR \fITARGET\fR
+This is really for internal use only. Used to remove all traces of the
+\fITARGET\fR binutils from your system.
+Change the default linker for the specified \fIPROFILE\fR to the [newer] gold
+linker. This only works if the binutils actually supports gold. Note that
+not all options supported by the bfd linker are supportd by the gold linker.
+Change the default linker for the specified \fIPROFILE\fR to the [older but
+stable] bfd linker. If unsure, stick to this one.
+Please report bugs via
+.BR ar (1),
+.BR as (1),
+.BR ld (1),
+.BR nm (1),
+.BR objcopy (1),
+.BR ranlib (1),
+.BR readelf (1),
+.BR strings (1),
+.BR strip (1)
+.BR /usr/bin/binutils-config
+.BR /etc/env.d/binutils/*
+Mike Frysinger <>