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-# $Id$
-# See the moused man page for available settings.
-# Set to your mouse device psm[0-9] for PS/2 ports, ums[0-9] for USB ports
-# Leave blank to try to autodetect it
-# Any additional flags requires
-# If 0xd0-0xd3 default range is occupied in your language code table, specify
-# alternative range start like MOUSECHAR_START="3", see vidcontrol(1)
-# You can also multiplex the init script for each device like so
-# ln -s moused /etc/init.d/moused.ums0
-# This enables you to have a config file per mouse (forces MOUSED_DEVICE
-# to ums0 in this case) and control each mouse.
-# devd can also start and stop these mice, which laptop users will find handy.