Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dev-python/line_profiler: Version bump to 2.0Marius Brehler2017-02-062-0/+30
* global: Drop dead implementations from PYTHON_COMPATMichał Górny2016-11-013-3/+3
* dev-python/line_profiler: restore python 3.3David Seifert2016-08-301-1/+1
* dev-python/line_profiler: Bump to 1.0-r1 (including patches); Bump to EAPI=6Marius Brehler2016-08-253-0/+357
* Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-2/+2
* Replace all herds with appropriate projects (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+4
* dev-python/line_profiler: Imported from science overlayJustin Lecher2015-11-174-0/+76