Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 8.2.1Georgy Yakovlev2020-12-191-0/+33
* sys-apps/fd: drop oldGeorgy Yakovlev2020-06-111-57/+0
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 8.1.1Georgy Yakovlev2020-05-251-0/+27
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 8.0.0Georgy Yakovlev2020-04-161-0/+11
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 7.5.0Georgy Yakovlev2020-03-261-0/+30
* sys-apps/fd: drop oldGeorgy Yakovlev2020-02-171-39/+0
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 7.4.0Georgy Yakovlev2019-12-271-0/+38
* sys-apps/fd: drop oldGeorgy Yakovlev2019-06-161-27/+0
* sys-apps/fd: bump to 7.3.0Georgy Yakovlev2019-02-131-0/+34
* sys-apps/fd: drop oldGeorgy Yakovlev2018-11-301-30/+0
* sys-apps/fd: version bump to 7.2.0Georgy Yakovlev2018-10-281-0/+4
* sys-apps/fd: version bump to 7.1.0Georgy Yakovlev2018-08-201-0/+27
* sys-apps/fd: drop 6.3.0Georgy Yakovlev2018-03-261-28/+0
* sys-apps/fd: version bump to 7.0.0Georgy Yakovlev2018-03-261-0/+27
* sys-apps/fd: A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find.Georgy Yakovlev2018-02-181-0/+51