Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* virtual/libmysqlclient: stable 18 for hppa, bug #657550Rolf Eike Beer2019-01-091-2/+2
* virtual/libmysqlclient: mark s390 stableMikle Kolyada2018-12-301-1/+1
* virtual/libmysqlclient: stable 18 for sparc, bug #657550Rolf Eike Beer2018-11-141-2/+2
* virtual/libmysqlclient: Drop mariadb USEBrian Evans2018-10-142-7/+2
* virtual/libmysqlclient: Revbump to simplify providersBrian Evans2018-10-102-0/+23
* virtual/libmysqlclient: Drop hppa and sparc to ~archBrian Evans2018-05-131-1/+1
* */*: Remove sparc-fbsd keywordsMichał Górny2018-01-231-2/+2
* virtual: Remove empty assignments of optional variables.Ulrich Müller2017-03-291-5/+0
* Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.Robin H. Johnson2017-02-281-1/+0
* virtual/libmysqlclient: dropped ~x86-freebsdFabian Groffen2017-01-291-2/+2
* Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+1
* Replace all herds with appropriate projects (GLEP 67)Michał Górny2016-01-241-1/+4
* virtual/libmysqlclient: Mark ia64 stableBrian Evans2015-09-241-1/+1
* virtual/libmysqlclient: Mark stable for all arches except ia64Brian Evans2015-09-171-1/+1
* Revert DOCTYPE SYSTEM https changes in metadata.xmlMike Gilbert2015-08-241-1/+1
* Use https by defaultJustin Lecher2015-08-241-1/+1
* proj/gentoo: Initial commitRobin H. Johnson2015-08-082-0/+32