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+This is a quick tutorial on how to configure the XEmacs package user
+interface (package-ui). After you configure package-ui, you will be
+able to download and install XEmacs packages and dependencies while in
+XEmacs. For the complete documentation, see
+Once XEmacs is emerged onto a Gentoo Linux system, you will only have
+the following elisp modules installed: xemacs-base, efs and
+(optionally if you had mule in USE) mule-base. This guide will show
+how to use package-ui to download and install your own preference in
+elisp modules to ~/.xemacs/xemacs-packages.
+First, start XEmacs and load the package-ui elisp module.
+ M-x load-library RET package-ui RET
+The first thing to set is the download site (package-ui installs via
+ M-x customize-variable RET package-get-remote RET
+Insert a new value, then:
+ Choice: Remote
+ Host:
+ Directory: /pub/packages/editors/xemacs/packages/
+Make sure you set and save the change. Note, other host/directories
+are possible. The the documentation for package-ui for more
+information. Hint: is *fast*.
+Then set the location package-ui should install to:
+ M-x customize-variable RET pui-package-install-dest-dir RET
+ Directory: ~/.xemacs/xemacs-packages
+Make sure you set and save the change.
+At this point you can install your modules:
+ M-x pui-list-packages
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+[Desktop Entry]
+Name=XEmacs Text Editor
+Name[bg]=редактор XEmacs
+Name[ca]=Editor XEmacs
+Name[cs]=Editor XEmacs
+Name[da]=XEmacs tekstredigerer
+Name[de]=XEmacs Texteditor
+Name[eo]=La redaktilo XEmakso
+Name[es]=Emacs para X
+Name[et]=Emacs X'i kasutajaliidesega
+Name[fi]=XEmacs editori
+Name[fr]=Éditeur XEmacs
+Name[hu]=XEmacs szövegszerkesztő
+Name[it]=Emacs per X
+Name[ja]=XEmacs テキスト・エディター
+Name[mk]=Софистицираниот XEmacs уредувач
+Name[pt]=Editor XEmacs
+Name[ro]=Editorul XEmacs
+Name[ru]=Редактор XEmacs
+Name[sk]=Editor XEmacs
+Name[sl]=Urejevalnik XEmacs
+Name[uk]=Редактор XEmacs
+GenericName=Text Editor
+Comment=Edit text
+Exec=xemacs %f