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+;; oddmuse site-lisp configuration
+(add-to-list 'load-path "@SITELISP@")
+(autoload 'oddmuse-toggle-minor "oddmuse" "Toggle minor mode state." t)
+(autoload 'oddmuse-edit "oddmuse" "Edit a page on a wiki." t)
+(autoload 'oddmuse-follow "oddmuse"
+ "Figure out what page we need to visit
+and call `oddmuse-edit' on it." t)
+(autoload 'oddmuse-post "oddmuse"
+ "Post the current buffer to the current wiki.
+The current wiki is taken from `oddmuse-wiki'." t)
+(autoload 'oddmuse-revert "oddmuse" "Revert this oddmuse page." t)
+(autoload 'oddmuse-insert-pagename "oddmuse"
+ "Insert a PAGENAME of current wiki with completion." t)
+(autoload 'emacswiki-post "oddmuse"
+ "Post the current buffer to the EmacsWiki.
+This command is intended to post current EmacsLisp program easily." t)