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* Install man page. Update dependencies.Ulrich Müller2009-04-123-6/+9
* Remove release candidates since the package was added to Portage tree.Ulrich Müller2008-09-044-49/+5
* Version bump.Ulrich Müller2008-09-023-1/+31
* Stand-alone emacs-updater.Ulrich Müller2008-08-293-1/+30
* Split off stand-alone package for emacs-updater.Ulrich Müller2008-08-154-0/+46
* Remove package, this is now included in eselect-emacs.Ulrich Müller2007-12-294-42/+0
* Install in /usr/sbinUlrich Müller2007-12-144-3/+13
* initial commit of emacs-updater (live ebuild), for testing onlyChristian Faulhammer2007-12-143-0/+32