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* Install README.xwidget.Ulrich Müller2013-07-172-1/+4
* Merge changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-07-142-2/+6
* Merge changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-06-153-2/+10
* Merge some changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-06-082-9/+17
* Merge changes from Portage tree.Ulrich Müller2013-03-312-8/+5
* Merge changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-03-273-9/+14
* Merge changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-03-213-10/+7
* Merge changes from emacs-vcs.Ulrich Müller2013-03-212-62/+94
* Version number has changed upstream.Ulrich Müller2012-11-172-0/+6
* Update dependency after package move from x11-libs/openmotif to x11-libs/motif.Ulrich Müller2012-10-242-1/+5
* Convert all Manifest files to thin.Ulrich Müller2012-10-241-23/+0
* With USE=xwidgets, add webkit-gtk as dependency and enable gtk3.Ulrich Müller2012-10-063-20/+36
* Update from emacs-vcs ebuild.Ulrich Müller2012-10-044-89/+91
* Emacs xwidget branch.Ulrich Müller2011-09-304-0/+417
* Remove directory accidentally added with last commit.Ulrich Müller2011-09-254-399/+0
* Remove lua zile related stuff.Ulrich Müller2011-09-254-0/+399