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* Change ${PN}-${PV} to ${P} in comment.Ulrich Müller2008-06-031-2/+2
* Remove SIMPLE_ELISP variable.Ulrich Müller2008-05-251-0/+84
| * Update copyright year.Ulrich Müller2008-03-031-1/+1
| * Call EXPORT_FUNCTIONS only once.Ulrich Müller2008-03-031-3/+4
| * Whitespace changes. Fix UTF-8.Ulrich Müller2008-02-241-3/+3
* | Move to archive, so Portage does not bail out the whole timeChristian Faulhammer2008-02-211-90/+0
* Correct date for introduction of site-gentoo.d.Ulrich Müller2007-12-281-1/+1
* Remove warning about experimental features (including ChangeLogChristian Faulhammer2007-12-121-2/+0
* (elisp_pkg_setup): Give a warning about the source of the eclass so users kno...Christian Faulhammer2007-12-121-0/+2
* Undo previous change. Do not change dir.Ulrich Müller2007-12-071-6/+5
* Move handling of SIMPLE_ELISP into pkg_setup function, otherwise it fails wit...Ulrich Müller2007-12-041-5/+6
* More verbose maintainer information.Ulrich Müller2007-10-021-1/+2
* Correct man comments, VARIABLE should be ECLASS-VARIABLE.Ulrich Müller2007-09-081-3/+3
* elisp.eclass: Die if elisp-install or elisp-site-file-install fails.Ulrich Müller2007-09-081-2/+3
* Remove redundant cp and pushd/popd commands in elisp-site-file-install.Ulrich Müller2007-09-081-3/+9
* Cleanup meaningless Header lines.Ulrich Müller2007-08-271-1/+1
* Remove trailing slant.Ulrich Müller2007-07-281-1/+1
* Add magic comments for man page generation.Ulrich Müller2007-07-121-5/+9
* Some comment changes.Ulrich Müller2007-07-031-8/+4
* Update copyright info.Ulrich Müller2007-07-031-1/+1
* added RDEPEND lineChristian Faulhammer2007-07-031-0/+82
* Moved to PortageChristian Faulhammer2007-07-021-81/+0
* ChangeLog: Remove duplicate information; "emacsify" older entries;Ulrich Müller2007-07-011-0/+1
* Remove comment about experimental code.Ulrich Müller2007-06-301-4/+4
* elisp.eclass: Remove debugging code. Add some messages to die commands.Ulrich Müller2007-06-251-10/+6
* added DOCS variableChristian Faulhammer2007-06-241-1/+4
* Generate output in elisp-site-regen only if site-gentoo.el has changed.Ulrich Müller2007-06-201-1/+1
* add --silent option to elisp_pkg_postrm()Christian Faulhammer2007-06-201-1/+1
* Fix a typo (missing e)Christian Faulhammer2007-06-141-1/+1
* Add more explanations to error message. Move elisp_pkg_setup() down.Ulrich Müller2007-06-121-11/+13
* remove an uncessary testChristian Faulhammer2007-06-121-5/+0
* Set free the ghosts for the NEED_EMACS dependencies, needed for theChristian Faulhammer2007-06-111-8/+8
* Whitespace fixed for the umpteenth time. :(Ulrich Müller2007-06-041-3/+3
* Use versionator.eclass for comparison for versions.Ulrich Müller2007-06-041-4/+6
* documented NEED_EMACS a bit, added some more commentsChristian Faulhammer2007-06-041-0/+4
* export pkg_setup function; uncomment parts of it and add some checks andChristian Faulhammer2007-06-041-11/+16
* Depend on >=virtual/emacs-VERSION.Ulrich Müller2007-06-011-1/+1
* use elisp-emacs-major-version() in in pkg_setup (still commented out)Christian Faulhammer2007-06-011-5/+3
* add inactive code for new style dependencies on virtual/emacsChristian Faulhammer2007-05-311-0/+75
* removed as they are in Portage nowChristian Faulhammer2007-04-161-61/+0
* document SIMPLE_ELISPChristian Faulhammer2007-04-101-0/+8
* remove SRC_URI pointing to mkennedy's devspaceChristian Faulhammer2007-04-081-3/+0
* removing headerChristian Faulhammer2007-03-151-1/+1
* reworked eclassesChristian Faulhammer2007-03-151-0/+56