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* Small fix of repositories.xmlHEADmasterAlice Ferrazzi8 days1-1/+1
* Add repositories.xmlAlice Ferrazzi8 days1-0/+15
* Add skel metadata and setsAlice Ferrazzi8 days2-0/+13
* sys-kernel/vanilla-sources: Automated version bump to {4.14.79,4.18.17,4.19.1...Alice Ferrazzi8 days4-5/+6
* sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: genpatches-4.14-86Alice Ferrazzi8 days2-0/+32
* sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: genpatches-4.19-2Alice Ferrazzi8 days2-0/+32
* sys-kernel/gentoo-sources: genpatches 4.18-20Alice Ferrazzi8 days2-0/+32
* Add travis status button on the readme fileAlice Ferrazzi9 days1-0/+2
* Updated manifest filesAlice Ferrazzi9 days25-0/+230
* Update travis fileAlice Ferrazzi9 days1-1/+1
* Add travis scriptAlice Ferrazzi10 days1-0/+44
* Initial commit of kernel related packagesAlice Ferrazzi10 days257-0/+18684
* Kernel overlay init commitAlice Ferrazzi10 days1-0/+13