Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dev-qt/qtnetwork: bump version to 5.12.2HEADmasterStefan Strogin7 days2-0/+68
* net-misc/openssh: drop; fixed in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin11 days26-2787/+0
* net-libs/liboauth: drop; fix no longer relevantStefan Strogin2019-03-065-309/+0
* net-dns/bind-tools: fixed upstream, new version is in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-065-267/+0
* media-video/ffmpeg: drop; fixed upstream and in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-0513-3003/+0
* www-client/lynx: drop; fixed upstream and in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-057-321/+0
* app-admin/sudo: drop; fixed in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-035-732/+0
* dev-qt/qtnetwork: bump version to 5.12.1; add patchStefan Strogin2019-03-023-0/+161
* dev-qt/qtnetwork: drop oldStefan Strogin2019-03-023-141/+0
* dev-libs/libgit2: drop; fixed upstream and in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-014-138/+0
* dev-libs/libevent: drop; fixed upstream and in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-014-178/+0
* dev-cpp/commoncpp2: drop; fixed in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-03-0113-416/+0
* mail-filter/imapfilter: drop; fixed upstream and in gentoo.gitStefan Strogin2019-02-284-110/+0
* sys-apps/kmod: add package from gentoo.git; patch for LibreSSLStefan Strogin2019-02-245-0/+421
* app-crypt/signify: drop; libressl support is in main treeStefan Strogin2019-02-212-45/+0
* dev-python/*: drop as patches are upstream in gentoo.gitAaron Bauman2019-02-204-314/+0
* dev-perl/*: drop as changes are upstream in gentoo.gitAaron Bauman2019-02-207-185/+0
* dev-libs/boost: drop; fixed in the upstream and main treeStefan Strogin2019-02-2013-955/+0
* dev-lang/rust: drop; libressl support is in main treeStefan Strogin2019-02-206-470/+0
* dev-lang/python: drop as gentoo.git carries patchesAaron Bauman2019-02-2020-3146/+0
* dev-db/sqlcipher: drop as changes are carried in gentoo.gitAaron Bauman2019-02-204-106/+0
* app-text/mupdf: drop as changes are in gentoo.gitAaron Bauman2019-02-2016-1245/+0
* app-arch/*: drop as gentoo.git is carrying patches nowAaron Bauman2019-02-204-179/+0
* dev-util/electron: Add libressl compatible electron buildMaximilian Friedersdorff2019-02-194-0/+1002
* net-libs/nodejs: Version 8.15.0Stefan Strogin2019-01-152-0/+212
* net-libs/nodejs: version bump to 10.15.0callmetango2019-01-152-0/+210
* Merge pull request #278 from prototype99/masterAnthony G. Basile2019-01-012-1/+4
| * Update ManifestSeirra2019-01-011-0/+3
| * fix openssl versioningSeirra2019-01-011-1/+1
* dev-perl/Net-SSLeay: new packageQuentin Retornaz2018-12-207-0/+185
* dev-util/cargo: openssl-sys crate bump to 0.9.40 for libressl 2.9.0Quentin Retornaz2018-12-202-2/+2
* dev-lang/rust: initial commitmaurerpe2018-12-146-0/+470
* net-libs/liboauth: libressl support in openssl-1.1 patchSandino Araico Sanchez2018-12-111-1/+1
* Add mupdfroot2018-12-1016-0/+1245
* Drop sys-fs/cryptsetupIan Moone2018-12-097-656/+0
* Drop net-misc/tlsdateIan Moone2018-12-0912-205/+0
* Drop net-misc/socatIan Moone2018-12-097-1347/+0
* net-misc/openssh: Drop 7.6_p1-r5Ian Moone2018-12-095-459/+0
* Drop net-misc/curlIan Moone2018-12-097-365/+0
* net-misc/aria2: Drop 1.33.1Ian Moone2018-12-092-156/+0
* Drop =net-mail/courier-imap-4.16.2Ian Moone2018-12-0924-827/+0
* Drop =net-dns/ldns-utils-1.6.17Ian Moone2018-12-094-100/+0
* Drop =dev-libs/xmlsec-1.2.25Ian Moone2018-12-094-143/+0
* dev-lang/python: Drop 2.7.14Ian Moone2018-12-099-509/+0
* Drop app-crypt/trousersIan Moone2018-12-099-202/+0
* Drop app-crypt/rhashIan Moone2018-12-096-270/+0
* app-admin/sudo: Drop 1.8.20_p2 & 1.8.22-r2Ian Moone2018-12-093-449/+0
* Drop =app-admin/mongo-tools-3.0.14Ian Moone2018-12-093-72/+0
* dev-qt/qtnetwork: Sync with main tree; Drop 5.11.2Ian Moone2018-12-094-193/+0
* travis.yml: Bump portage to 2.3.52Ian Moone2018-12-091-1/+1