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master2017-10-18 12:44:16 UTCRepository QA checks30 min.
stable2017-10-17 07:24:13 UTCRepository QA checks30 hours
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30 min.2017-10-18 12:44:16 UTCHEADmasterRepository QA checks7-18/+18
31 min.Merge updates from masterRepository QA checks6-6/+11
39 add media-fonts/dejavu test depend, bug #623718Sergei Trofimovich5-5/+10
50 min.2017-10-18 12:24:16 UTCRepository QA checks2-3/+3
51 min.Merge updates from masterRepository QA checks1-1/+1
60 min.sys-devel/gcc-config: stable 1.8-r1 for hppa/sparc, bug #626646 (thanks to Ro...Sergei Trofimovich1-1/+1
62 stable 2.10 for hppa/sparc, bug #634618 (thanks to Rolf Eik...Sergei Trofimovich1-1/+1
110 min.2017-10-18 11:24:14 UTCRepository QA checks4-17/+4
111 min.Merge updates from masterRepository QA checks4-139/+1
115 Removed old.Lars Wendler3-138/+0