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Unify quoting in metadata.xml files for machine processing
Force unified quoting in all metadata.xml files since lxml does not preserve original use of single and double quotes. Ensuring unified quoting before the process allows distinguishing the GLEP 67-related metadata.xml changes from unrelated quoting changes.
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--- a/dev-haskell/dbus/metadata.xml
+++ b/dev-haskell/dbus/metadata.xml
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
D-Bus is a simple, message-based protocol for inter-process
communication, which allows applications to interact with other parts of
- the machine and the user&#39;s session using remote procedure calls.
+ the machine and the user's session using remote procedure calls.
D-Bus is a essential part of the modern Linux desktop, where it replaces
earlier protocols such as CORBA and DCOP.
@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@
&amp;#x20; client &lt;- connectSession
&amp;#x20; //
&amp;#x20; \-- Request a list of connected clients from the bus
- &amp;#x20; reply &lt;- call_ client (methodCall \&quot;\/org\/freedesktop\/DBus\&quot; \&quot;org.freedesktop.DBus\&quot; \&quot;ListNames\&quot;)
- &amp;#x20; &amp;#x7b; methodCallDestination = Just \&quot;org.freedesktop.DBus\&quot;
+ &amp;#x20; reply &lt;- call_ client (methodCall \"\/org\/freedesktop\/DBus\" \"org.freedesktop.DBus\" \"ListNames\")
+ &amp;#x20; &amp;#x7b; methodCallDestination = Just \"org.freedesktop.DBus\"
&amp;#x20; &amp;#x7d;
&amp;#x20; //
&amp;#x20; \-- org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames() returns a single value, which is