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+ GeoGebra Non-Commercial License Agreement
+The International GeoGebra Institute is a non-profit organization
+registered in Austria and having its office in Linz, Austria ("we",
+"our" or "us"). We develop and support the GeoGebra dynamic mathematics
+software application, including its source code, installers, web
+applications and services, language files and associated documentation
+("GeoGebra" or "the Software"). We operate GeoGebra (and publish its
+related resources) through our websites located at
+ and
+The terms of this License form a binding agreement between you, an
+individual user or non-commercial organization ("you" or "your"), and us
+regarding your non-commercial use of GeoGebra. By downloading, accessing
+or otherwise using GeoGebra you indicate your agreement to be bound by
+these License terms.
+If you would like to help with developing GeoGebra please find all
+details on how to get involved (including GeoGebra's source code) via
+this link:
+Non-commercial License Terms
+1. This License incorporates (by reference) additional license terms
+published by the Free Software Foundation and the Creative Commons
+Corporation. In the event of any conflict between those additional terms
+and the terms of this License, the latter shall prevail.
+2. The GeoGebra installers, web services and various copyright materials,
+graphics and resources made available are licensed to you on a limited,
+non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable and royalty-free license under
+which you are free to use, copy, distribute, modify and transmit the GeoGebra
+installers, web services and the copyright materials PROVIDED THAT you only
+do so for non-commercial purposes (without charging a fee to any third party)
+and PROVIDED THAT you attribute the work to us by (at least) mentioning our
+name, including an appropriate copyright notice and providing a link to our
+website located at
+3. The GeoGebra source code is licensed to you under the terms of the
+GNU General Public License (version 3 or later) as published by the Free
+Software Foundation, the current text of which can be found via this
+link: ("GPL"). Attribution (as
+required by the GPL) should take the form of (at least) a mention of our
+name, an appropriate copyright notice and a link to our website located
+4. The GeoGebra language files (including all user interface "translation"
+files in the GeoGebra application and applets), all GeoGebra documentation
+(including "GeoGebra Help", "GeoGebra Quickstart" and all other
+documentation files found on the GeoGebra webservers) and all GeoGebra
+user interface image and style files (including logos, icons and style
+sheets) are licensed to you under the terms of the Creative Commons
+Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence (version 3.0 or later), the
+current text of which can be found via this link:
+ Attribution
+(as required by that Creative Commons license) should take the form of (at
+least) a mention of our name, an appropriate copyright notice and a link
+to our website located at
+5. The Software (and all related materials and resources) are licensed
+to you WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and on an AS IS basis including without
+limitation the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
+PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We accept no liability for your use of the Software
+(save to the extent such liability cannot be excluded as a matter of
+6. The Software (and all related materials and resources) are licensed
+to you without any offer or promise of support or future development by
+the International GeoGebra Institute or any third party. Please note
+that support services are available under the terms of our Collaboration
+Agreement – please contact for more information.
+7. You may install GeoGebra on multiple devices in multiple locations
+PROVIDED THAT you always use the Software for non-commercial purposes
+and otherwise in accordance with these License terms.
+8. The copyright and other intellectual property rights (including any
+trade marks) of whatever nature (arising anywhere in the world) in the
+GeoGebra software (and all related resources) are and will remain our
+property (or in the case of third party materials (including software
+libraries) which we have the right of use, the property of the third
+party licensor), and we reserve the right to grant licenses to use the
+GeoGebra software (and all related resources) to third parties.
+9. An "appropriate copyright notice" for the purposes of this License
+shall take the following form:
+Copyright (C) International GeoGebra Institute, 2013
+10. This License is personal to you and you must not assign it to a
+third party or permit any third party to benefit from it without our
+prior written consent.
+11. You will notify us immediately if you become aware of any
+unauthorised use of the whole or any part of the GeoGebra software (and
+all related resources).
+12. If any of the provisions of this License (including the additional
+terms incorporated by reference) are held to be invalid or unenforceable
+under any applicable statute or rule of law, it is to that extent to be
+deemed omitted from the License. Such an omission will not affect the
+validity of the remaining provisions of the License, which will remain
+in full force and effect.
+13. This License shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with
+Austrian law.
+These License terms were last updated in December 2014.
+Libraries used by GeoGebra:
+ * The Apache Commons Mathematics Library,
+ (Apache Software License)
+ * EPS Graphics, (GPL)
+ * FreeHEP Java Libraries, (LGPL)
+ * Giac, (GPL3)
+ * Gluegen, and
+ (BSD)
+ * JFugue 2.1 (LGPL), (LGPL)
+ * JLaTeXMath, (GPL)
+ * JOGL 2, (BSD),
+ * JUNG, (BSD)
+ * OpenCSV, (Apache 2.0)
+ * OpenGeoProver, (GPL3)
+ * SVG Salamander, (LGPL / BSD)
+ * Tango Icon Gallery, (Public Domain)
+ * zip.js, (BSD)
+For other tools used for running or building GeoGebra please see
+International GeoGebra Institute
+Wolfauerstr 90, 4040 Linz, Austria