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This grants the right to "do whatever you like", therefore added to the MISC-FREE license group. Bug: Signed-off-by: Ulrich Müller <>
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+The files listed in the Files List section above are each Copyright
+2001 by Adam M. Costello (henceforth "I", "me").
+I grant everyone ("you") permission to do whatever you like with
+these files, provided that if you modify them you take reasonable
+steps to avoid confusing or misleading people about who wrote the
+modified files (both you and I) or what version they are. All
+official versions of Par will have version numbers consisting of
+only digits and periods.
+I encourage you to send me copies of your modifications in case I
+wish to incorporate them into future versions of Par. See the Bugs
+section for my address.
+Though I have tried to make sure that Par is free of bugs, I make no
+guarantees about its soundness. Therefore, I am not responsible for
+any damage resulting from the use of these files.