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net-irc/znc: bump to 1.6.3, EAPI=6
- use the proper LICENSE - remove the ZNC_DATADIR variable - the libressl patch is no longer required → drop patch - swig is not needed to build bindings from a release, removed from DEPEND - configure uses python3 by default → don't specify it any more - move informational postinst messages to a README.gentoo file - fix the systemd unit by setting a valid HOME for the znc user - delete the custom src_unpack function, provide the full path to gtest Gentoo-Bug: Gentoo-Bug: Gentoo-Bug: Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28 Closes:
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+To run znc as a user, run 'znc --makeconf' to create a configuration file.
+If znc was compiled with the 'daemon' use flag, you may run
+ emerge --config znc
+to configure it.
+To generate a new SSL certificate, run:
+ znc --system-wide-config-as znc --makepem -d /var/lib/znc
+as root.
+If migrating from a user-based install, you can copy the existing
+configuration files:
+ mkdir /var/lib/znc
+ mv /home/$USER/.znc/* /var/lib/znc
+ rm -rf /home/$USER/.znc
+ chown -R znc:znc /var/lib/znc
+You may also adjust the location of the files and the user running znc
+in /etc/conf.d/znc instead.
+To run as a daemon, please make sure that your configuration contains
+ PidFile = /run/znc/
+or that the PidFile value matches the one in /etc/conf.d/znc.