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# Keep it sorted.
acoolsdcm - Add support for Alphacool USB display modules
astusb - Add support for ASTUSB LCD modules
+ax206dpf - Add support for AX206 DPF LCD modules
bayrad - Add support for BayRAD LCD modules by EMAC
beckmannegle - Add support for Beckmann+Egle "Mini Terminals" and "Compact Terminals"
bwct - Add support for BWCT USB LCD displays
@@ -88,6 +89,7 @@ pertelian - Add support for the Pertelian X2040 displays
phanderson - Add support for the PHAnderson serial-to-HD44780 controller
picgraphic - Add support for PIC graphic displays
picolcd - Add support for Mini-Box's picoLCD
+picolcd_256x64 - Add support for Mini-Box's picoLCD with a higher resolution
picolcdgraphic - Add support for Mini-Box's graphical picoLCD
png - Add support for PNG output
ppm - Add support for PNG output