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-# Copyright 1999-2018 Gentoo Foundation.
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-# This file contains descriptions of ENLIGHTENMENT_MODULES USE_EXPAND
-# for x11-wm/enlightenment.
-appmenu - Gadget that holds the menubar of the foreground application
-backlight - Backlight control slider gadget
-battery - A gadget to visualize your battery status
-bluez4 - Configure Bluetooth devices
-clock - Nice clock gadget to show current time
-cpufreq - Gadget to monitor and change the CPU frequency
-everything - The run command module provides an application launcher dialog
-fileman - Enlightenment's integrated file manager
-fileman-opinfo - Allows EFM to be placen on the desktop or in a shelf
-gadman - Module to manage gadgets on the desktop
-geolocation - Geolocation information
-ibar - Iconic application launcher
-ibox - A home for your iconified applications
-lokker - Screen locker
-luncher - Iconic application launcher
-mixer - A module to provide a mixer for changing volume
-msgbus - DBus Extension
-music-control - Control your music in your shelf
-notification - Notification-daemon alternative
-packagekit - Package manager integration
-pager - Gadget to allow you to visualize your virtual desktops and the windows they contain
-pager-plain - A simpler desktop pager
-quickaccess - Enlightenment Quickaccess Launcher
-shot - Simple screenshot+save/upload module
-start - Enlightenment's 'Start' button equivalent
-syscon - Provides a unified popup dialog for all the system actions in Enlightenment
-sysinfo - A gadget to visualize your system info
-systray - System tray that hold applications icons like Skype, Pidgin, Kopete and others
-tasks - Gadget to allow you to switch tasks
-teamwork - Enable teamwork module
-temperature - Temperature monitor
-time - Time related gadgets
-tiling - Positions/resizes your windows tilingly
-vkbd - Virtual keyboard
-winlist - A module to show the list of client applications presently running
-wizard - First Run Wizard
-wireless - WiFi monitoring
-wl-buffer - Wayland buffer
-wl-desktop-shell - Enlightenment Wayland Desktop Shell
-wl-drm - Wayland DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) compositing module
-wl-text-input - Wayland text input support
-wl-weekeyboard - Wayland virtual keyboard
-wl-wl - Wayland-in-Wayland module
-wl-x11 - Wayland-in-X11 module
-xkbswitch - Keyboard layout configuration and switcher
-xwayland - X/Wayland integration
-conf - Settings Panel
-conf-applications - Allows configuration of Ibar, Restart, and Startup applications
-conf-bindings - Input Control Settings
-conf-dialogs - Configure default dialog properties
-conf-display - Used to configure your screen
-conf-interaction - Configure Mouse and Touch input
-conf-intl - Used to select a default language
-conf-menus - Configures menu behavior
-conf-paths - Specifies the Enlightenment search paths and default directories
-conf-performance - Used to configure certain performance related items as frame rates and cache settings
-conf-randr - Used to configure your screen's resolution
-conf-shelves - Shelf configuration dialog
-conf-theme - Used to configure your theme preferences
-conf-window-manipulation - Configures window raise, resistance, and maximize policies
-conf-window-remembers - Delete existing window remembers