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x11-misc/xmonad-log-applet: Remove useless maintainer <description/>
Remove useless/redundant maintainer <description/>. It does not benefit bug wrangling, and only wastes developer's time on reading it. Few tips: - assignee/CC is implied by ordering, there is no reason to repeat it, - we know that maintainer is maintainer (la la la la la), - most of adjectives for maintainer are of no value and/or are obvious.
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<maintainer type="person">
- <description>Maintainer, CC him on bugs</description>
xmonad-log-applet is for Xmonad users who find the GNOME, MATE, or Xfce panel useful. The applet will show the active workspaces, the title of the selected window or whatever information you send it from your xmonad.hs.